Kolbe Consultant

How in the world did this come to pass?

In 1991, my Mom bought my ticket to freedom.. Otherwise known as my Kolbe M.O..

Since then I’ve worked in television, theater, sales and coaching my way. However, I was living by myself and I did not have the need to work closely with anyone for extended periods of time.

Until I got married in 1997.

Then things started to change, my husband took his Kolbe the year we were married. Funny thing about Kolbe, it’s a predictive index, so it will tell you in advance how someone will solve a problem when motivated to do so! When he arrived home from work, he had used up all of his Conative Energy and I didn’t really get to see it!

Fast forward to 2005 and 2007 when Noah and Tyler were born. Now, at this point I had quit my job, moved houses and was at home full time with 2 boys, 2 years apart. Because the boys were my focus I was keenly aware of the growing difference in how I did things and how they did them. As a Mom it was kind of a mixed bag because I wanted them to be obedient AND have respect for themselves and their ability to work. When they were 2 and 4 I called Kolbe Corp and asked if I could get them tested. They didn’t have anything available until a 4th-grade reading level. I got off the phone and felt like I had to wait 100 years.

100 years came and went and I had them both tested! I was so involved in this fantastic assurance of how someone will solve problems that I became a Kolbe Consultant. As soon as I was trained on how to read and interpret the assessments I took my hands off of the helicopter Mom so fast it was incredible. I had proof how my kids solved problems!!

So what did I do? I let go, I released the grip and KNEW they would figure it out and they did. So much of the arguing, cajoling, controlling and fighting stopped.

Parenting as I knew it had changed forever. The golden ticket is motivation and when they wanted something or were interested in something I used that as a platform for them to work for it. I watched the proof of their MO unfold before my eyes and I didn’t judge the process.

Now, I work with kids as young as 3 years and up using video and a very specific bag of toys! I also work with teenagers, young adults and families wondering how their son and daughter will be successful in life.

I absolutely love what I do because it allows me to love and ask questions inspiring the gifts my kids already have. If you would like to save your energy for the good stuff, please reach out to me and let’s see if we can work together.