Kolbe Certified Consultant

Gail Swift

Hello, I’m Gail Swift, mom and President of Plans to Prosper Coaching!

I started Plans to Prosper coaching to help parents understand their children.

As a parent, I want to help my children succeed. I recognized when they were young that they work in a different way than I do; I wanted a quantifiable way to see these differences.

I thrive on having a lot of things going on at once and work best under pressure. I brainstorm with my mouth then see if it’s a viable option. Noah, my oldest, needs to finish what he starts. He likes to have a plan before he begins, but if he’s put in a room with kids that need the details and kids that want the big picture, he can find the middle ground and bridge the gap. Tyler, my youngest, doesn’t need to finish what he starts (which can make chore time difficult), but excels at physical tasks. He’s a natural with body language and can usually tell when someone is having a bad day.

My Journey!

I discovered my freedom to work the way I was made and want to pass that along to my children. Knowing how they work gives me the freedom and confidence to let them work the way they do best.

I live my work every day and believe that when people have the freedom to work their way, they will have more energy and mental effort to contribute to their work. You can explore the tools I use on our Frequently Asked Questions page, find out about the services I offer on our Hire Me page or read feedback from clients in Testimonials. And if you have any questions please contact me through our Contact page or social media.