Speaker Abstract 

The Power of a Question… and the wake it leaves behind

My keynote is about the power of a question-and the wake it leaves behind. There are helpful people in the world, and some help by telling someone how to do something and others help by asking someone how they would do it. It’s at this point that transformation can happen or not happen. When there is a question, there is empowerment, wonder and possibilities.

I came out of the womb asking questions. Clearly I was curious about everything and wanted to know why people were doing what they were doing. In school I wanted to interview people for a living and some of my friends thought they were on a constant interview…now, I realize the right question can deliver personal strength.

In my talk I give an example of twin brothers and the only difference between them is one tells and the other asks. They have 4 encounters with people throughout their day, the 1st is the maintenance man, 2nd is with an employee, 3rd is with his kids and 4th, his neighbors/wife. Specifically with the second encounter, the employee was on the verge of losing a large account and the “telling” twin decides to “take care of it” for the employee. The employee feels like they don’t have the talent to do it themselves. In contrast, the “asking” twin sees the employee working in the conference room with papers everywhere and asks how they will save the account? That employee is empowered to figure it out and is so resourceful that they are promoted to take on more accounts.

The audience will leave with the knowledge that everyone is capable of solving problems and creating solutions their way. When an employee, boss, parent, student or friend asks questions that are selfless with the intent for growth they are teaching confidence and empowerment. People will leave feeling equipped, excited and encouraged.