Speaker Bio

My name is Gail Swift and I love asking questions that leave an impact and change lives. I believe everyone has the ability to solve problems and create solutions their way. I speak about asking transformational questions to breathe life into this belief. The process gets especially juicy when the question could impact your comfort zone and the best ones usually do.

I am a Speaker, Kolbe Consultant and Certified Life Coach. The Power of a question was inspired and proven to me by The Kolbe Theory. When I left my 6 figure job in pursuit of the “holy grail” I made a video about it; and it was played in front of hundreds of people. Several people approached me telling me how my story gave them courage to live rich, fulfilling lives and they have never looked back.

Several years earlier, let’s be real, MANY years before that I asked a question about time or money to a friend of mine. He’s since opened and run a successful restaurant business. When I ran into him he took out the crumpled piece of paper and attributed his success to the questions I asked that night.

Lives are continuing to change as people uncover each other’s super power with a question. And you never know the day or time that your empowering question will reveal transformation.