I want to highly recommend anyone who has children of junior high through high school and college age to go through this in-depth assessment. It’s so much less expensive and saves so much time and heartache if a child can move forward in their life knowing exactly who they are and where their talent/skills and natural interests lie. We all hear of how many students change their majors and end up having to pay that much more to gain credits in a different major. Investing a small amount on the front end is the way to go. This is specialized and better than all the rest of the assessments you will find out there. Their results speak for itself. Please check this out. I will also add, I have known and worked with Gail for many years. She has a true and unstoppable passion for helping kids and teens find it their “IT”. On a side note, I participated in this myself and I told her that for the first time in my life, I felt KNOWN. I felt like I was finally seen. You know the phrase “I see you“? I mean, really SEE you? Yeah, that’s how I felt. Finally truly validated for who I am. I have been told many times that I walk by the beat of my own drum. And after going through this with Gail, I finally realized that I am not only good with that, I can embrace it.