Are you in communication with anyone on a regular basis? Do you regularly see and work with people that drive you nuts? When you are working with someone on a project or activity would it help you to know how they work so you can work with them and not let the crazy things paralyze your efforts?

For me, it was a resounding yes, especially with my husband. I love to ask yes or no questions quickly. As I was growing in my Kolbe experience, it was sad to see that Dan, or Swifty as I call him, did not like playing this game as much as I did. So he took the Kolbe A, and I quickly realized why. Swifty has a need for more information, and “it depends” is a regular phrase around the household. Not me! I do not have a need for more information, and when he would say, “It depends,” I would say “On what? Why? Can’t you just decide, like, yesterday?” For my husband, those kinds of quick decisions are like pinning him up against a wall with Velcro. A definite affective response of hate comes oozing out.

Now, what do I do with this information? I have two choices: I can go with it or go against it. And since I’d like to be married for a while, I choose to go with it. Remember, it’s only when someone cares that you will see their Modus Operandi come into play. This is what Kathy Kolbe just said in Arizona a few weeks ago.

How does this play out in real life? Well, Swifty and I had our Kolbes done in 1991 and 1997. We were married in 1997 so we have had some time to lean on our strengths. Right now, this looks like my husband taking care of most (basically all) of the school paperwork. I ask him to do research on comparing cars, helicopter rides for guests, and which way is the most efficient for traveling. The family uses my gifts if they are having a hard time deciding on something. I will just call it, or if I don’t have any energy left to decide, I will call on my youngest son to decide (we know the family MO’s). If there are 60,000 logistics from 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm, that’s where I come in. I know who is going where and what time and with what equipment; that’s a mom thing and my way of working.

Knowing the MO of my husband and family members has made our lives full of confidence, understanding, and practice. We recognize when we are striving (because that’s the only time you’ll see these glorious gifts). When he is home from work and kids are home from school, everyone is DONE! I understand that and work with what is left. Here is Dan and my A to A comparison for you to check out, I like the “worst mistake” part and Dan likes the words explaining it all. Naturally!!!

Cheers to your best you,