Helping People Find and Follow What They Are Meant to do in Life!

Pricing for Schools


Student Aptitude Quiz

How they work best when free to be themselves

How they take tests and study best

How they get stressed out and what to do about it

Opgig Career Assessment

The only career assessment in the world that takes into consideration how you work or Conation. Over 1,000 careers are ranked in order of success per student.

Conative Carts – 4 for each student
Group Overview with Sophomore Class
6 Small Breakout Sessions
60-90 minute Teacher Talk about most challenging students
Identify Low Self Efficacy and pair with counselor
Scheduled Open Forums’ on Zoom for students to come and learn more about their innate strengths
Data for the school from Opgig on 15 areas of interest.

You will be able to identify by percentage, which category/interest area students are choosing to have careers in.

$335/ Student

For 25-74 Students 

$275/ Student

For 75-149 Students


150-299 Students

$175/ Student

300+ Students


Adult 18+

Kolbe A Index

Opgig Career Assessment

Activate Your A Workbook with 6 Coaching sessions


✓ You will know your Pattern of taking action that does not change over time

✓ You will know your ideal career

✓ If you are seeking higher education, you will know what your major/minor will be

Family of 3-5

Kolbe A Index

Student Aptitude Quiz

Opgig Career Assessments

Coaching sessions with individuals/parents


✓ Each family member will know their Pattern of taking action that does not change over time

✓ You will know the conative differences among the family members and know what your triggers are

✓You will know how each person will contribute to the family to form an amazing team

✓Parents will know how to trust the Pattern, and watch their kids take responsibility for their actions

Small Business

Kolbe A, Kolbe B and Kolbe C

Range of Success

Efficacy Test



✓ Each person in the company will know their Pattern of taking action that does not change over time

✓ Supervisors/managers will know the Pattern of their ideal employee based on the job description

✓ After 4-6 months the employee will fill out a survey describing what they think the desired Pattern is for the job. 

✓ When employee/manager have conative expectation in line, job retention is 98%


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